Incredibly detailed, beautifully colored

plant portraits with glass powders.

You don't need to be an artist to create the beautiful plant portraits in this book. We fully explain all the uncomplicated steps of creating realistic plant portraits using only glass powders, a few simple tools, and a kiln.

We know and love plants, and this book illustrates the simple step-by-step directions we use to create accurate images of spring flowers.  We add in our tricks and tips to help you  produce beautiful, accurate portraits. These techniques can be easily adapted for plants of your choosing. 

We also illustrate several different ways of using these plant  images for a variety of unique projects,  ranging from simple serving ware to more elaborate sculptural pieces and wall panels that use new and unique display methods designed just for this book. 

Botanic Topics: Plant Portraits in Glass Book 1 contains over 110 pages of comprehensive instructions, complete with materials lists, and  over 315 photos and illustrations, plus a complete library of stencil patterns to create all the projects in the book. Firing schedules are provided in both Fahrenheit and Celsius.


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We organized this book much like our classes - starting with a simple project focused on the fundamentals of the technique, then demonstrating 21 different project tiles that illustrate how this process is impacted by the special properties of glass -- flow, transparency and opacity -- culminating in 4 unique projects of increasing complexity that build on what you have learned. We take you step-by-step through each process, with clear directions and illustrations.

With over 90 pages of clear instructions and over 170 photos and diagrams, we've tried hard to ensure that the book is suitable for all levels of experience. We think it will help the beginner to grow and will challenge the more experienced glass artist.

A companion to our first eBOOK in the StripCut series, picks up where Book 1 left off.  It builds on the techniques taught there, showing how you can combine them with other layout strategies to create even more interesting and unique projects.

  • Over 200 images and diagrams, and more than 120 pages of step-by-step instructions...
  • 7 Lab Note projects that illustrate the impact color choices have on your composition...
  • Petits Projets, 7 of them! Big ideas in little packages...
  • Three unique and more complex Grands Projets! Amazing to look at but easy to do once you know the techniques and tricks.

You will learn how to make spectacular, undulating patterns from simple strips of glass in this NEW Vitrum Studio eBook.  We show you HOW the beautiful,  intriguing designs are made, and WHY the flowing patterns emerge from ordinary straight glass strips.

7 beautiful and dramatic StripCut projects are illustrated with step-by-step directions, photos, and diagrams that teach you how to break down visually complex patterns into easily understood  steps.

Suitable for all levels of experience, Spanning the Space contains 115 pages of comprehensive instructions, over 235 photos and diagrams, and complete firing schedules  in both Fahrenheit and Celsius for all the samples and  projects.

In this first eBook on creating light and landscapes,  we detail three very different landscape scenes, each presenting a different challenge
. We detail their design and construction process step-by-step,  and explain the techniques we adapted to meet all of  those challenges.

For all three, we also include samples of other pieces created in the same manner, but with small changes to the images and palettes.

Display and framing methods are included in the over  80 pages of clear, step-by-step instructions and more than 170 photos and diagrams. 

You can refer back to the step-by-step instructions, photos, diagrams and firing schedules any time you want.  It's something our students have long asked for.

This Vitrum eBook , the second in our Finding: Place: Light & Landscape series,  introduces you to new methods of creating glass landscapes  with realistic imagery and amazing details, and shows you easy methods for adding highlights and shadows .

 With detailed step-by-step directions, photos, and diagrams, we show you  the processes  for making water samples, various color palettes, and easily-adaptable landscape projects , each using new and exciting  techniques  that are simple but very effective.

Suitable for all levels of experience, Light & Landscape Book 2 contains 105 pages of comprehensive instructions, over 250 photos and  diagrams, and complete firing schedules  for all the projects.

In Optic Topics: Harmonics we introduce exciting techniques to physically distort ordinary linear patterns of stringers into repeatable and intentional sinuous shapes, similar in appearance to graphs of harmonic waves, hence our title!

At first glance these incredible patterns appear complex, but our carefully considered step-by-step directions, photos, and diagrams will guide you through 12 exciting projects.   Not only is this technique fun to do, but the process is also easily adaptable and very scalable, making it possible to incorporate the process into future fusing projects.  We’ve eliminated much of the guess work but none of the possibilities.

Suitable for all levels of experience, Optic Topics: Harmonics, Book 1 contains 119 pages of comprehensive instructions, over 237 photos and diagrams, and complete firing schedules in both Fahrenheit and Celsius for all the samples and projects.

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